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Susie - Ask Bob Dickey to Call Me and Explain WHY the Continued Cover Up on Lockerbie. Does Gannett Own Stock in Iran?

Email Sent to Lockerbie Families Frank Duggan Did NOTHING. The Truth About Pan Am Flight 103 is STILL Not Reported By the Mainstream Media.  Still MOST Connected to the CIA KNOW Iran is Involved.  Why is the Obama Administration STILL Covering it Up?  Isn't He Supposed to Be the Transparency President?

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Subject: From Sharyn Bovat....former research worker who traveled to the Middle East..... My Uncle Bill Frisbie was Chief Pilot for Pan Am My Grandfather worked in Naval Intelligence

Respectfully I'm reaching out to the families of Flight 103.   My goal is to get Congress to question NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn about what he knows about the Lockerbie cover up.& to get trial observers in Tennessee on Sept. 27th.

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I came "out" of the closet as a former research worker AFTER Renault wrongfully accused 3 men of spying.  They were framed by orders from the same executives connected to  Ghosn that targeted me and had me sent to jail 3 times on "trumped up charges"...  It's very complicated. Nissan's Mr. Ghosn got a BIG promotion in 1985 to work in South America for French company Michelin.  The French & Lebanese were used during Iran/Contra.   Mr. Ghosn got a BIG promotion again in 1990.  Today he is connected to ex CIA that were involved back then, 

Bottomline:  I'm just a mom who had a job and then had to disclose my past because they tried to discredit me because they did not know what I knew about Ghosn & his supporters past.   The French still today support IRAN sales of Renault cars are up by 70% this year.
 A few weeks ago Mark Silverman the editor of the Tennessean took me out to dinner and said "Sharyn, you could be the one to finally give the Lockerbie families closure".  that statement terrified me. 

He and I agree that the story needs to be about your loved ones and "fixing the problems" that cover ups create.  I've sent some letters to members of congress asking for hearings in reference to the cover up.  Still I'm being harassed in the courts and I'm not asking the  Lockerbie families to support me I'm just asking for Trial Observers.

My phone number is 615-7***-****.   Thank you for reading.   Sharyn Bovat

"Years ago I lived in Holland and Louise Arbour the Chief Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal was my neighbor.  She and her mom Rose encouraged people to attend the trial of Milosevic.   For justice to happen there MUST be Transparency in the courts"   
 Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

Susie Ellwood Are YOU Cashing in on the Obama Policy Windfall?

*****UPDATE-  Insiders says stock price issue minimal  but refused to comment on CONFLICT of INTEREST.****

It seems like most stocks went from the 2009 low only "doubled"  Gannett almost quadruples ?

I Got a Tip I'm Sending to the SEC Gannett's CEO Gracia Martore's Calibre Conflict of Interest (Her Husband is the CEO of TOP DOD Contractor & "Most Likely" Benefited from NISSAN Story Being Squashed) Might Expose NISSAN Fraud.  The Leaf Was Built With Outdated Technology * NISSAN Does Business with IRAN.  Why are Tax Dollars Wasted? Someone explain WHY Gannett's stock has increased ......

  Gannett Stock Soared During 1st Obama low as about $6 a share to over $22.  SEC investigation needs to happen.  Obviously Gannett is NOT reporting stories to protect the Obama Administration and maybe they got rewarded?

  1. Bob Dickey Gannett
    Bob Dickey, My life has been hell and Gannett does NOT report the news. I hear your the CIA's pit bull. Is that true? I've been terrorized for over 3 years.


"We moved beyond aggressive journalism" said by Mark Silverman while accepting his Ben Bradlee Award

Fun Fact:  Dana Bash and Andrea Mitchell BOTH received awards too.

this was "who's who" of mainstream media.  

So to the point Mark Silverman, The Tennessean, accepts the Benjamin Bradlee Editor of the Year Award at the 28th Annual National Press Foundation Awards Dinner on March 1, 2011 in Washington, DC. Look at the dates of my text messages.....

Bovat's Battle
  1. A text conversation between NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat & Mark Silverman the editor of the Gannett owned Tennessean, he's a Ben Bradlee award ...
He thanked his wife for letting him spend "countless" hours playing newspaper  that was when he was accepting his award in front of 1000 mainstream media journalist. I had NOT seen his wedding ring until I watch him get the award on CSPAN.

The date he got the prestigius Ben Bradlee award was on March 1st 2011.

"' People have been nice to me I hope that Tucker (Carlson of the Daily Caller) is treated as nicely at a liberal meeting like the American Society of Newspaper editors..."  Paul Begalia of the Clinton Administration at CPAC event called Fight Club. 

The mainstream media KNEW about Dept. of Energy fraud and remained silent.

                         The NISSAN Fraud has been covered up by the mainstream media

Mainstream Media Bias is REAL!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Susie Ellwood Do YOU Care About America? Seriously?

This is part of a malicious prosecution filed against Kline Preston 

 The Interrogatory Question is an example of HOW he responded.

AN email sent to the UK courts tonight:

Begin forwarded message:

Happy Weekend UK Elite & Scottish Judicial Administrators: 

A Press Packet is being made and will be distributed to UK media outlets. 

It seems like the "gridlock" in getting to the Lockerbie Truth is coming from the PALACE - 
The Chrystal Palace in America and The Crown in the UK.  

Tony Blair was supposed to be a man of the people and he became the royal families "go to" guy for cash.  It's kind of pathetic.

Because I consider a highly acclaimed member of the mainstream media my friend (although he did NOT show up at my trial and had a really crappy excuse) I will distribute information with his name not mentioned.  He's a decent human being that does not deserve to have his name drug through the mud.  In fact he's partially responsible for my "push" to expose the Lockerbie Truth.  He told me in August 2011 at Giovanni's in Nashville that I could be the person that could help give the families of the Lockerbie victims closure.  He helped me proof this brochure.