Monday, July 8, 2013

ESPN Reports That Due to a Possible Indictment Jimmy Haslam Has a Contingency Plan for the Cleveland Browns. At the Same Time Gannett's Tennesseean TOP Story is About Crane Hunting...Yes!!! I'm Talking About the Bird. The Apathy at Gannett is OVERWHELMING!!!!

  1. Jimmy Haslam 'absolutely not' selling Browns amid FBI probe Will Brinson-17 minutes ago
    Perhaps the biggest indicator that Haslam might deal the team came in the form of a report that Pilot Flying J had accumulated $4 billion in debt and seen its ...

A guy at Apple told me that since my picture popped on google searches for the Tennessee governor.... he gave the Haslam family about a "week"....

  The Tennessee Governor had to have known about "the plane"
All the Tennessean Cares about is "Crane Hunting".... The fact is Gannett has been VERY "light" on the Haslam story.  The Tennessean is KNOWN for puff pieces for Haslam allies.

Jimmy Haslam: Browns not for sale

ESPN-1 hour ago
Jimmy Haslam, whose Pilot Flying J company is under a federal investigation into alleged rebate fraud and reportedly has $4 billion in debt, told ESPN ...

Jimmy Haslam: No plans to sell the Browns
Highly Cited
-ESPN Cleveland-12 hours ago
Gov. Haslam struggles to meet Pilot recusal pledge
-The Seattle Times-16 hours ago

Anthony Werner DENIED Sending Pictures of his "thing" but it was TRUE.

James Clapper said Americans were NOT being monitored BUT that was NOT true: The NSA chief says it's a semantics issue.

BIll Clinton said about 15 years ago "I did not have sex with that woman....."   well that was NOT true.....  the blue dress proved that.  Personally since Bill Clinton is the ONLY president in my lifetime to get America "out of debt" I don't care about his personal life.

NOW Jimmy Haslam says their NOT selling the Cleveland Browns... 
& a plan is in place "if" he's indicted....