Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Susie... I Think Gannett Needs to Stand Up Against Japan...

"...The company that's making the ChaDeMo Fast Chargers is ALSO subsidizing Nuclear Weapon Research.... Which might be OK since North Korea is so close.  ???   Should the American People be purchasing chargers for mass use that ONLY work on Japanese cars and NOT the FORD EV.  ..."  On my blog for almost 2 years...  www.CarlosTavaresRenault.com

Reuters: "Japan is seeking an exemption from proposed new U.S. sanctions against Iran that could effectively freeze Tehran's use of payments for oil, the Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday, citing sources. Japanese Finance Minister Koriki Jojima asked U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at an October 11 meeting in Tokyo for Washington to exempt Japanese banks, the report said, citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter. Geithner said the matter was being considered, the report said... Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, a member of the Senate Banking and Foreign Relations Committees, has said he is looking at ways to freeze an estimated 30 percent of Iran's foreign currency reserves held in banks outside the country. Currently, Japanese buyers of Iranian oil pay Iran for crude imports in yen via accounts set up at Japanese banks by Iran's central bank, and the funds later get transferred to Iran's private banks. But the proposed new U.S. sanctions would effectively freeze those assets, and if the measures are implemented, Iran would no longer be able to use Japan's oil payments freely, which could further curb Japan's oil purchases from Iran, the Nikkei report said. The United States is expected to set the details of the new sanctions from now on and implement them from around February, the report added." http://t.uani.com/XQ2YWP

On my Blog for almost 2 years...
"I got a PROOF that the technology used for the Leafs battery is the same s the NISSAN Altra from the 90’s the only difference is the battery now is “flat” and the cells are built like layers in a wedding cake and it’s different than the Altra version that was coil/spiral. Everything else is the same.  So basically Ghosn got the DOE money and instead of having something “viable” he called the old battery "the new battery" which was deemed NOT cost effective in the 90’s worse it was deemed a disaster economically for NISSAN. "

Three men at Renault were accused of being spies for “questioning” the EV strategy.   In North America I was told the EV was to be a “failed” Obama program.   I told Mr. Tavares about at strategy called “Failure of Power”..  Knowing that Ghosn has “deep rooted” ties to Iran and the Middle East  People MUST ask this Question:  ???  Who would NOT want the EV to succeed.

Khomeini’s using Renault car platforms for missiles.  The Iranian government seems to have a “healthy” economy and with Renault “existing” as a car maker and sharing resources with NISSAN via their Alliance indirectly the American car consumer is economically supporting a regime that wants American’s dead.  Therefore buying a NISSAN is showing “indirect” support for Islamic terrorist.
Also on my blog for almost 2 years..

"I believe that by making Libya the 'sole' conspirator saved lives.... The Geo Political experts knew what they were doing and still work tiresomely to prevent NUCLEAR attacks on America and our Allies."  Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

"For 17 years I Sharyn Bovat feared that if I ever spoke about facts I learned in the early 90’s my life would be in danger.   Today I’ve spoken about what I know and YES!!! It’s limited but it sure does seem to 'scare the French' wonder why?
 "Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower
"I’m tired of living in fear.  OMG!!! 3 men were accused of being spies at Renault, a holding company of NISSAN one that helps the economy of IRAN.  A country that was involved with the Lockerbie bombing...OOPS"Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower  


The man next to me is Nabil.... in 1992 he was a currency trader.... connected to "people"....

Mar 28, 2012
While reading the report I discovered I might have spent time with Nabil who was mentioned in the section of Robert Baer. This was in Kuwait in 1992 He might be the man mentioned in the report that was the assistant to a ...

Former Ganett editor connected to murdered CIA field chief:

Friday, October 19, 2012

People in Tennessee are Pooping in Their Pants..... They Can't Believe It...

"The Tennessean is one of the remaining holdovers in this State from the not-so-long-ago days of Democratic domination..."  The Examiner

A blog viewer emailed me at 5am...  told me he was in SHOCK!!!        I responded...

"They had to do it- when the NISSAN "green" jobs don't happen that the Tennessean has promoted 'ad nausem' by multiple articles & After NISSAN announces they  can't pay back the Dept. of Energy loan for 1.4 Billion & when  NISSAN North America goes bankrupt and /or restructures & the Rutherford County IDB bond that was allowed to be the collateral is exorcised - taxes going up for Rutherford County residents and people will NOT trust them... Endorsing Mitt Romney is the only hope they have for saving their reputation and for news organization - Image is Everything...."  Sharyn Bovat

"...The Tennessee Paper that Helped Cover Up Dept. of Energy Fraud FINALLY Does Something not in their own interest but what is best for society.  I'm stunned after all I'd been through I thought they were going to keep the blinders on no matter how bad the economy or impact of the failed policies of President Obama were"   Sharyn Bovat - NISSAN Whistleblower

"...I'll make a bet that had NISSAN really been able to create the 1300 jobs promised for the 1.4 BIllion they would have endorsed President Obama....  I was told that a Tennessean reporter called NISSAN a "house of cards" and he still knew he could NOT report it..... Maybe Gannett has decided to stop helping President Obama hurt the economy and they want to Stop the hemreging  .."  Sharyn Bovat


Please note that I Sharyn Bovat have been fighting this Democratic prpaganda machine for a LONG time. Due to my whistle blowing against NISSAN that took 1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars to build a car that they knew would fail & gannett knew before TWO federal budgets were passed & they remained silent. 

I was told by Mark Silverman it was POLITICS.

Below are pictures & links of web sites that Sharyn has had for years... fighting the Democratic leaning mainstream media.

and a LOT more.  Maybe they'll report the NISSAN Fraud?   or the Discrimination done by NISSAN?

Odds ore my Viral Fight for Human Decency made a difference... if so THANK YOU GOD!!!

"I love America and like many others in this state believing in my heart that corruption and cronyism is destroying this nation I see this endorsement as a step forward"  Sharyn Bovat

Quotes from the Romney Endorsement...

"it is far less of an endorsement of Romney than a lack of endorsement of President Obama..."  the Tennessean.

Text between former Tennessean editor and Bed Bradlee winner Mark Silverman saying he "thought" one of my web sites ranting about Dept. of Energy Fraud would be mentioned in the emails congress subpoenaed in reference to Solyndra.  FYI Solyndra visited my blog 1142 time

Copy of  lawsuit NISSAN Leaf owners filed in LA and the Tennessean Failed to report it. 

The TENNESSEAN also failed to report that the NISSAN Whistleblower was jailed 3 times & has an ongoing malicious prosecution case "against" NISSAN.

"Nonetheless, this morning’s endorsement by an outlet which has long been seen by many conservatives as a kind of unofficial mouthpiece of the Tennessee Democratic establishment prompted the State’s Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville), to remark on the development with one word on Facebook-he simply wrote “wow...." the examiner

"....The Tennessean, which has long been a kind of pseudo-Democratic political print organ, has finally reached the final phase of dealing with defeat-acceptance. Further, they acknowledge that the President has failed on the single most important issue of his presidency, and that is dealing with the economic crisis (some would say collapse) that brought him to power..." the examiner




GOOGLE Maria De Varenne the editor of the Tennessean and see "what floats to the top"    GOOGLE Bob Dickey Gannett (he decides what goes in the news for Gannet Nationally) and see what "floats to the top."

De Varenne Tennessean
  1. mariadevarennetennessean.com/
    This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's ...Why does Gannett, The Tennessean and Maria De Varenne NOT Report that ...
  2. Maria De Varenne Gannett

    Dec 5, 2011 – Maria De Varenne Gannett. I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN ...
  3. Message to: Maria De Varenne

    Oct 10, 2012 – Discrimination at NISSAN that Maria De Varenne and Gannett Ignore is REAL..... Why Did They NOT Report It? Is NISSAN Acknowledging that ...
  4. Maria De Varenne the NISSAN Whistleblower Fears Another Term of

    Apr 8, 2012 – Maria De Varenne the NISSAN Whistleblower Fears Another Term of President Obama Admits She Voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 ...

  1. Bob Dickey Gannett

    Bob Dickey Why Did Gannett NOT Report About Me? Tennessee is a hub of racism.... it's because of lack of reporting on YOUR part. A Gannett Editor Helped Me ...
  2. Robert Dickey - Forbes

    Robert Dickey on Forbes - ... Formerly: Senior Group President, Gannett's Pacific Group and Chairman of Phoenix Newspapers Inc. (2005-2008); President and ...
  3. Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo?

    Oct 10, 2012 – NISSAN Wants to Do Their OWN Investigation on the Leaf... GannettHas Info that Can Help Taxpayer... Bob DIckey Let's Have Coffee TODAY>.
  4. Gannett MIght Have Balls BUT Does Bob Dickey.....

    Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo? Friday, September 14, 2012. Gannett MIght Have Balls BUT Does Bob Dickey..... The "dots" have ...
  5. Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo?: Bob ...

    Sep 3, 2012 – Bob Dickey.... Now WIll You Report the Story....I'm Outing Homophobic GOP Bloggers with Past Criminal Records.... I Need a J

  1. ob.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Susie... Ask Bob Dickey if He Checked His "In" Box?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com>
Subject: Sharyn Bovat Starts MartinWinterkorn.com Maybe Sharyn Can Work for VW Use Renault COO Carlos Tavares as a Reference….. Thanks
Date: October 16, 2012 3:53:47 PM CDT
To: tony.cervone@vw.com, Mark.Gillies@vw.com, corey.proffitt@vw.com, marco.dalan@volkswagen.de, christine.ritz@volkswagen.de, Scott.Vazin@vw.com, enrico.beltz@volkswagen.de, amelia.fine-morrison@vw.com, carsten.krebs@vw.com, Michael.Muehlbayer@daimler.com, Bjoern.Scheib@daimler.com, Lutz.Deus@daimler.com, Alexander.Vollmer@daimler.com, Julian.Krell@daimler.com, martha_voss@toyota.com, elewis@tma.toyota.com, celeste_migliore@toyota.com, john_hanson@toyota.com, jmoreno@tma.toyota.com, scurtis@tma.toyota.com, chosford@hmausa.com, jtrainor@hmausa.com, milesjohnson@hmausa.com, lscholz@hmausa.com, djoyce@hmausa.com, echun@hmausa.com, kevin.oates@ketchum.com, yvonne@mgscomm.com, ariel@mgscomm.com, phil.lienert@ketchum.com, Thelma@mgscomm.com, "jtrainor@hmausa.com" <jtrainor@hmausa.com>, "carolyn.quinn@imgworld.com" <carolyn.quinn@imgworld.com>
Cc: david.pearson@dowjones.com, chudler@tennessean.com, cthomas16@bloomberg.net, ctierney@detnews.com, jerry.hirsch@latimes.com, rdickey@gannett.com,

The NISSAN Whistleblower wants NISSAN to Mediate, can you help?

They have been using bullying tactics.... Sharyn Bovat is tired of the abuse.

Volkswagen How About I Work with David Silverman?  

Maybe his dad will put in a good word for me too?   

Please ask NISSAN to Mediate.....

This is INSANE.... Who's Next Toyota or Hyundai?  

Actually I'd really like to work in Virginia.... :):)  
VW  Please consider me... Just Don't put me in Tennessee  
I want OUT of this state

 you please encourage NISSAN sit at a conference room table and work this out.....

I have emails and proof that I can show WHY I did what I did. 
In 2009 I was told that I could be a Catalyst for change at NISSAN. Some people were upset with the cronyism. 

People gave me information to blog about.  They wanted me to do what I do, they wanted the culture to change in Tennessee. My friend Mark Silverman told me it' can't change... I finally get it.

My child does not need a mommy that's fighting  for her reputation...  I will show you an email I received from Carlos Tavares in 2010.  I will show you that people wanted me to expose that the battery was made with outdated technology.  

We will work out a way that I get my dignity and you get to keep enjoying the tax breaks with out me "ranting about the Leaf...."  I'm serious.  My child is suffering.  This needs to be resolved.

If what I did was ALL about money I would have taken the money HR VP Mark Stout offered me in 2009.

My blogging has been about "fairness" for all Nissan employees, the Taxpayers and for discrimination to stop.... and I'm realizing that in America it does not exist. You won.... my child & my health is MORE important.... 

What I want is what's fair and I want my REPUTATION back. I've been abused for 3 year.... Your tough and I'm sure you don't want me in Tennessee as much as I don't want to be here.

Carlos Tavares who was President of NISSAN North America & most likely the future CEO of Renault/NISSAN trusted me with his concerns about the "culture" of TN. One of his supporters will communicate that it's just not possible.   PLEASE help just tell NISSAN to be RESPECTFUL.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Posted on Blog of Father of Lockerbie Victim.... Susie it's Time for the TRUTH

This is part of an email to a friend whose family is part of the international intelligence community. I've been lucky that once I was vetted people that grew up in similar families have reached out...

"...I have PTSD... from a trip in 1990 to Leningrad...Elections were happening "somewhere" in Russia and we wanted Democracy... Anyway about 3am a bunch of men came into my hotel rom (... strapped me to a board and took me to an abandon building... they did nothing to me but stare at me. Later I realized,,,, It was after the Lockerbie crash... I had been told by my family it was Iran... then they changed thevillain to Libya.... When the kGB held me I said NOTHING except "my country knows I'm here"... this is the weird part.. the night I was "saved" I got to sleep in the same bed Nixon stayed in and had dinner with the consulate general... a few years later I went to Bahrain and kuwait... I think the whole KGB hostage thing that was less than 2 days was done by people connected to the CIA....I have NO trust.... Still I'm terrified and have trouble sleeping.... it was horrible...."

There is a Russian aspect to the puzzle of finding the truth...

Last year I flew to LA to meet with a screenwriter interested in my life story..he said "didn't they rape you or torture you - this is a disaster"... Later I spoke to a member of my family and said they would twist the truth & make it look like I was raised by crazed Neocons. So that is on the back burner until closure happens on the NISSAN whistle blower issue.

My hope is Dr. Swire and the Lockerbie families get closure too. I've had a horrible 3 years and do not understand how you endued 24+ years.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Susie.... PLEASE Help Me... The People in Tennessee Terrify Me...

I was told that if i was jailed for "just" one day I'd have to flee the country if I wanted to live..
Told to go to the Port Authority... Miami..  They said they'd kill me in jail and make it look like a suicide... NOW that I read this... after I got a  "heads up" yesterday from a guy in France I believed it's true...

Why did Kim Helper want to KILL Me?

It's in Reuters...

Also I can NOW prove that Al Gore did want to date me....to a "reasonable" person....OMG!!!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Susie did YOU know that John Seigenthaler is Corrupt?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: Al Gore Caught Investing in FRACKING… Al Gore a Big Time Viewer of Sharyn Bovat's Blog….. He's Connected to NISSAN Fraud. John Seigenthaler Mainstream Media Bully
Date: October 7, 2012 3:58:07 PM CDT
To: Hundreds of influential people....

"And if you want a piece of the natural gas pipeline game — heavilydependent on the environmentally suspect fracking — you can find that in Gore’s portfolio as well with Quanta Services (PWR)."  Andrew McKillop

Andrew did this article hours  after I told him that I've been upset since learning the trumped up "charges" against me in the state of Tennessee would have been dropped had I dated Al Gore...Yes it's RIDICULES  but sadly true.  Mark Silverman the former Ben Bradlee winner confirmed it.
In 2010 when I was asked if I was interested in dating Al Gore I thought it was a joke....

FYI- After the man who almost became president made "advances" to me I became a republican again & reached out to the GOP political elite. That was almost 2 years ago... Hello!!!!   I've learned that Gannett's ex but still rules the roost John Seigenthaler is a reason why my life is so miserable after I whistle blew.  That man is NOT about freedom and the 1st amendment.  He represents what's wrong with the mainstream media and I can prove it   Had he not interfered Gannett "might" have ran a story and billions of Dept. of Energy loans that are becoming "junk"  might have not been funded.

John Seigenthaler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As the publisher, Seigenthaler worked with Al Gore, then a reporter, on investigative stories about Nashville city council corruption in the early 1970s.

Romney people YOU need to use the green fraud as a tool to get Mitt elected!!!!

Good News!!!   NOW that Mr. Gore has shown how "wacky' and oblivious he truly is on national TV people believe his role in covering up the NISSAN fraud. People now understand how "messed up" Tennessee is.  How I could have been abused by the courts. 

Andrew McKillop: Al Gore's Generation​ Investment hedge fu​nd ...

10 hours ago - Gore's investment company files a quarterly report with the SEC that tells the story about the 30 stocks in its portfolio. His company's public claims of investments ...

Have a Great Day

Sharyn Bovat

PS- Al Gore needs to be exposed for what he is.....

It's nice having smart friends...  Thank you Andrew McKillop!!!

Susie .... Check this out...

It's Dedicated to Gannett's Famed Seigenthaler.....  A Proven HYPOCRITE


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seigenthaler Could be a Bad Guy - Can Someone Confirm?

It's Sharyn I want to tell you that people know who I am.... It's scary.  The story of Gannet "holding back" important stories could "pop"  y'all at the mainstream media could look greedy for not reporting the story of Dept. of Energy fraud.

Do you know about this Seigenthaler dude.  He's sounds corrupt to me...?  

Call me 615-415-6675.