Friday, May 17, 2013

Susie is Bob Dickey OK? He Looks Like He Had an Illness... Or Has He Been on Jenny Craig?

old photo of Bob Dickey on the Left

Did ya'll Hear about the Ryan Fogle Story?  It's Wacky.....  Why Does the USA Today not report it.  Hey I could do that....   This sequester is slowing down government jobs.... USA Today Hire Me? 

Tell Bob i'm STILL Available..  I Hope Mr. Brennan See's that I'm "current" on CIA Fashion Trends....  Susie Look at My New Hair Style....It's a Ryan Fogle Inspired wing

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: Yes!!! I Think the Ryan Fogle Story is ...
    3 hours ago – My Blog List. Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me? James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers - I'm Really Happy to See the Ryan Fogle Story.