Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gannett Had YOU Reported the NEWS Maybe the Unemployment #'s Would Be Better.

“I think most Americans figure if you’re the chairman, CEO and president of a company that you are responsible for what that company does,” President Obama told WJLA-TV Friday.


US Unemployment Rate is at 8.20%, compared to 8.20% last month and 9.10% last year. This is higher than the long term average of 5.79%.

US Unemployment Rate

Data for this Date Range

June 30, 20128.20%
May 31, 20128.20%
April 30, 20128.10%
March 31, 20128.20%
Feb. 29, 20128.30%
Jan. 31, 20128.30%
Dec. 31, 20118.50%
Nov. 30, 20118.70%
Oct. 31, 20118.90%
Sept. 30, 20119.00%
Aug. 31, 20119.10%
July 31, 20119.10%
June 30, 20119.10%
May 31, 20119.00%
April 30, 20119.00%
March 31, 20118.90%
Feb. 28, 20119.00%
Jan. 31, 20119.10%
Dec. 31, 20109.40%
Nov. 30, 20109.80%
Oct. 31, 20109.50%
Sept. 30, 20109.50%
Aug. 31, 20109.60%
July 31, 20109.50%
June 30, 20109.40%

May 31, 20109.60%
April 30, 20109.90%
March 31, 20109.80%
Feb. 28, 20109.80%
Jan. 31, 20109.70%
Dec. 31, 20099.90%
Nov. 30, 20099.90%
Oct. 31, 200910.10%
Sept. 30, 20099.80%
Aug. 31, 20099.70%
July 31, 20099.50%
June 30, 20099.50%
May 31, 20099.40%
April 30, 20098.90%
March 31, 20098.60%
Feb. 28, 20098.20%
Jan. 31, 20097.80%
Dec. 31, 20087.30%
Nov. 30, 20086.90%
Oct. 31, 20086.60%
Sept. 30, 20086.20%
Aug. 31, 20086.10%
July 31, 20085.80%
June 30, 20085.50%
May 31, 20085.40%

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ghosn Green Crony Condor Capitalis

Argentinian People that Succeeded in Business & Politics from Operation Condor Connected to the NISSAN Fraud:   www,

I know this from a Polo Player.

Many Latin America Condor Profiteers are connected to the former Nazi's that took control and they became "team players" and helped America in the fight against communism.  

Oddly many decedents of that era are linked to foreign companies that support Obama.  Some linked to the Green Fraud.

MANY bankers are involved.  I found a connection to Citibank.....

Remember when Carlos Ghosn "framed" the three men from Renault in 2011.  I immediately blogged about it & quickly notified the French consulate because I learned the "bogus backdated accounts that were going to frame the men were not complete...."  By my VIRAL PROTEST I stopped them from harsh prosecution.

FYI-  I do NOT think that the bankers that are connected to post Operation Condor regime elitist are evil twisted people.....  Heck I've had dinner with some of them and they are very civilized.  

One guy in the late 70's who was close to the right wing Argentinian President almost became my "Uncle"......  He said "if our family ever needed anything then he'd help"..... NOBODY has taken him up on the offer.   If I become homeless because the NISSAN CEO linked to Condor won't mediate then I will be "calling".... I got his number.
Why is President Obama apologizing to the world for AMERICA? 

HELLO!!!  Obama's financial supporters have money today because of them being on the "winning" side of the Cold War.

Also, Mitt Romney has to STOP saying that "he'd never apologize for America."  Because EVERY TIME he says it people wonder:   "what does America have to be sorry for?"  

The fact is America is one of the greatest countries in the world and YES we've been apart of some wars... YES some of the tactics were "not the best ideas" but when you look at history it's not that bizarre

FYI- I will NEVER slander people connected to President Ford because I do NOT have the facts on WHY America participated in Condor..... I have "no clue".....     Carter was President for part of it.

It's my belief that the WORST American President as far as atrocities done to "his own people" is John F. Kennedy.  His directive during the Vietnam War to use Agent Orange (when he knew it was to promote the French agenda) was "Treasonous".....   That fact might become "more known" in about 80years.

Just to show you that I'm NOT a biased Republican.... I Believe that Hillary Clinton is going to be viewed in history as one of America's BEST Secretary of States.... EVER
Plus she has the courage to wear a scrunchie .....

What America needs to do is look at history and learn from it and then we can make the future better. America has NOTHING to apologize for.  

The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor Profiteer) who "most likely" assisted the CIA in the 80's in covert activities is NOW exposed.  This happened because "his stupid people in America  outed me" ...  They made the "relocation consultant" the # 2 Security Risk & have TERRORIZED me for OVER 3 years.... I've had death threats, been stalked and have been jailed on trumped up charges..   I'm fighting back.   

America is About Freedom

What Carlos Ghosn did was UNETHICAL & he needs to be accountable for his "current" actions in harming the American taxpayers.  

NISSAN took OVER 1 Billion dollars from the Dept. of Energy to build a car they KNEW would be a failure.  

Ghosn pulled "strings" to make that happen.  

In fairness to society at the same time he testifies about the Leaf FRAUD he should be forced to testify on what he knows about the Lockerbie cover up and Iran Contra.   

He should NOT have to testify to the actions of his father.   NOR should someone like me be "abused" for actions of my family.   

FYI- EVERYTHING my family did was for America.... Today America is a "Super Power" because of people who sacrificed like them... To anyone who says differently then FU. 

America can learn from that part of history.  It's ODD that  Ghosn is doing deals with Obama?    Again, in history stranger things have happened... still we can make the world better.

Have a Great Day!!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Susie..... Ignore This!!! When is Gannett Going to Care About "Average" America?

Watch this video it connects NISSAN Fraud
DUKE Energy Scandal that is "emerging"....

It's Time to Treat America with RESPECT!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Susie..... Is Gannett FINALLY Going to Report DOE Fraud? Better NOW that October? HELLO....... People Know About it..... They Just Want to See WHO Reports it FIRST

NISSAN Whistleblower told Leaf was to be an "Image car"and not intended to be mass marketed. Then WHY did NISSAN take OVER 1 Billion dollars of DOE taxpayer money to build a battery plant to MASS produce batteries?

The NISSAN Leaf REALLY cost 63,000 to 67,000 just to manufacture. 
The $63,000 Leaf price is achieved by statements from and industry expert who said “the non battery part of the Leaf would be approx. 15-20K” then added “that does not include marketing or R & D”  & realistically the car cost 80k. 
Each Leaf battery has 48 modules and each module cost about $1000 to produce*.  That’s $48,000 JUST for the battery modules.  *Nissan says they will replace the modules for about $650; I was told it's due to "recycling"...
“replacing a single module in the Leaf's 48-module battery pack would cost £404” Andy Palmer Board Member NISSAN Motors.  (that’s 48K for JUST parts of the battery pack)

Carlos Ghosn says the Leaf will NOT be built it it’s not profitable. Other’s have said NISSAN has to sell 500,000 just to break even.  It cost NISSAN 80K to make a Leaf & they sell the car for 33k.  To the average eye NOW it looks like a Ponzi scheme.    

NISSAN has been secretive about the battery cost for a reason
Carlos Ghosn said the Renault EV spy scandal  was about the “business model”.   

Sharyn Bovat worked with top NISSAN and Renault executives. They did NOT want anyone to know details of the EV (some used code words). Others at NISSAN communicated to Sharyn that the Leaf was “built to fail” & that NISSAN would go bankrupt “if” the Leaf succeeded.
The retail price of the Leaf is $33,000 the federal subsidies are $7,500 some states are adding an EXTRA $2,500 - $5,000 of incentives.  

The NISSAN Leaf is 65% to 75% subsidized.  

NISSAN says the “average” income for Leaf owners is OVER $140,000.
Sharyn Bovat blogged before the DOE loan closed that the “Leaf would fail” and she’s suffered retaliation in asking NISSAN for transparency in reference to the federal DOE loan that NISSAN was granted for 1.4 Billion by the DOE to create an EV  battery plant in Smyrna Tennessee.  The bank used to obtain the DOE taxpayer funded "cash" is a US government bank that was created to give loans to the Veteran’s and Post Office & is notorious for NOT getting repaid.

Why is a bank created for American interest being used for a FOREIGN company that does business with IRAN?

NISSAN partners with Renault & Renault does business in Iran. Car sales for Renault have increased 70% this year.
NISSAN shares technology with Renault.   
Iran is sending weapons to KILL American soldiers.
Back to the economic issue:
NISSAN has only sold about 30,000 Leafs in America and about 12,000 worldwide.

When asking for DOE money Carlos Ghosn said that
“by 2012” there would be 100,000.  Revised DOE stats show 50,000.
 This year NISSAN has sold about 3000.

NISSAN will not give out the statistics on “who’s buying the Leafs”.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Susie Ellwood..... Do YOU Miss Silverman... I Do.... He Really is a Friend.... Kindof Like Hogan's Heroes :):)

Years Ago My Mom Took Me to a Mother/Daughter Empowerment  Brunch with Senator Dianne Feinstein, The Mayor (back then) Wanted Children of Political Players to "Take the Torch"  FYI I NEVER Wanted to Touch the ******* Torch.  I Just Wanted a Normal Life.  

 **** YOU NISSAN NOW I Have to Take the Torch.  


This Woman Met With Me on Saturday She's Been Unfairly Treated in the TN Courts and Her Ex Husbands Lawyer Most Likely Rigged A Scenario Where She was Jailed.  The Lady Was Most Likely "Set Up" So Her Husband Could Get Custody of the Children and the Cash.... TN is NOT a No Fault State.  Tennessee is #1 in Corruption.  SOMEONE Needs to Do an Audit at the County Jail.  She Said LOTS of Women are There for STUPID Reasons....I believe her. TN is 48th in Education.   HELLO..... Forrest Gump Said "Stupid is What Stupid Does"

Below is on my NEW Page Targeted to Jim Rogers of Duke Energy.   Like OMG that Company is totally connected to Obama.

Why did President Obama give money to NISSAN from the Treasury Bank for over 1 billion dollars when they do business in Iran?  It really does not seem like smart geo political thinking to me.

I asked Senator Feinstein if she needed help the with the Senate Intelligence committee.... Please understand I understand "confidentiality"   I was silent for OVER 17 years and was leading a normal life it was NISSAN that "outed" me.  They made the relocation consultant the #2 Security Threat.   

Anyway when I was in DC I got it confirmed that Iran is "most likely" responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.  My friend Mark Silverman says it's the sexiest story I've got.   Never thought dead civilians scattered across the UK countryside was sexy but heck.... it's the Mainstream Media.  I think they’re a "little late" in covering the story.   What do YOU think?

Sharyn Bovat is Gonna Fight for Humanity: As one of the family members of the Lockerbie tragedy wrote:  

"Be that as it may, if we look at this disgusting history with an objective eye, we might consider the honesty and credibility of all these characters. The standard test of such is usually "Would you buy a used car from this man?" Our answer is: No. And we wouldn't buy a new one, either"