Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Google and Gannett

Google has sided with Big Business and has altered their search Engine to promote Obama's agenda.

Companies have a right to donate to campaigns BUT when people google Sharyn Bovat then www.sharynbovat.com
Should STILL be on the 1st page.
Is MIA & www.girlintheblackhonda.com

Even www.theStealthSkirt.com is missing. On that blog I talk about my travels on behalf of America where I fight for FREEDOM. Now I will figure out how to have the FREEDOM to blog. Good thing BlogCon is later this week. Maybe Breitbart's people wi tell the world about the "O's" in Google stand for "Only Obama"

FYI Mainstream Media EVEN though I was told in the 80's and 90's about you bias I NEVER "got it". A Reagan person told me you wanted to take away the voices of the average peon and make them speak your words. NOW I understand ... NOW I'm sad because I thought the Internet was a tool for the average person like "me" My blog www.nissanwhistleblower.com
Was created to expose fraud - corruption - discrimination. After 2 years FINALLY people are understanding the issues and Then Google silenced me.

Message to My blogs viewers in Mountain View... Y'all broke my heart.

For a while a "thought" we were working together for the GREATER GOOD.

If people at the Google HQ want to meet with me I'll fly out: let's work in a solution. As an American I want the FREEDOM to blog and I want to know that Google is unbiased.

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

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