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Susie - Is Gracia Martore REALLY Getting a 46 Million Dollar Severance "if" She's Fired? Message to Buck Revell

This message was sent to former FBI leader Buck Revell:

Mr. Revell, 

Hello my name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm the granddaughter of **** ******* a triple dipping DOD lawyer that belonged to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club,
My grandfather got his start in Naval Intelligence in the late 40's and he lived in Korea on the 38th Parallel.  My mom worked for Transocean Airlines (she hired woman to spy for America) and my Uncle **** *****whom you probably knew was Chief pilot for Pan Am and led commissions for Reagan and Bush.  

In 1992& 1993 I got to "hang out" with people from the FBI they were not as fun as the CIA people.  The CIA  people were connected to Sal Russo.  Did you know him?  Did you know Bill Lacy?   

Funny story I was at a BBQ in Dallas in 93 (that BBQ is the event that I was introduced to Texas operatives that went on to become "W"'s people).  Most of Sal Russo's operative were NOT WANTED by those connected to the Bush aligned people. I think I was kept because of my  CIA/DOD DNA. 

Just to let you know that I was a former Russo(ite) because my family was connected to Iran Contra. NOT my Uncle but my mom's boyfriend was a Captain for World Airways nicknamed the "gun runner" and he did flight for Operation Cyclone. Sal Russo got the contract to restore the image of Oliver North.   How cool is that?  I lived in Contra Costa County that had the "same" demographics racially & economically as the US.  The county I lived in was like a petri dish to explore ways to communicate messages. Dean Lesher was the publisher of the paper & he was friends with the man that could be by biological father (it's complicated).  He took me in under his wing in 1984.  This happened when people in the community were all upset that I was dating a Walnut Creek City Councilman and Mr. Lesher squashed the story of the Mayor's kid (me) sleeping with the twice divorced city councilman who was a prominent partner in a law firm that represented cities and their big bond deals.  evidently people did not like the fact was twice my age.  His name is Ken Little.  Mr. Lesher knew that my dad Larry Bovat (former World Airways pilot & did Laos flights) died in 1983 and Mr. Daly my dad's boss and probable bio dad died in 1984.   Remember I'm from California:):)      Mr. Lesher then got people to "handle" me - you know what I mean by handle?  

Back to the topic:   Sal Russo connected to Dean Lesher lost the GOP internal Battle of control in 1991/1992/1993 So those of us from California had to suck up to the Texans and Mississippians.  I did not do a good job with Haley Barbour's people... OUCH.   Oddly Sal Russo represented the moderates back then & he might lose the internal battle of control going on now &  he's representing the "whacko" right. 

Anyway I was enjoying a few beers at the BBQ in Dallas in 1993 and I made a joke about the spending of the FBI Director. and the guy seated next to me blurted out "that's my dad".... YES!!! I was seated next to Pete Sessions.  Whom by the way I have nothing but the highest regard for. 

 Mr. Revell his dad was YOUR boss.  Maybe you missed a memo?  

You sir got a lot of awards from President Bush "H" and i admire him so I know your a true patriot.  

Anyway I tell the story because in "my world" back then EVERYONE new it was Iran. Had they not then WHY would they have invited me.  I even asked at the BBQ "Why am I here"  I was told "you have nowhere else to go".. Kindof sad but true I've learned that because of my IC/DOD family it's hard to get a job and because I refused to do something unethical I was  bullied.  YES!!! While working at NISSAN North America I was asked to do something not legal and I said NO.  Then the corrupt people that were connected to ex Nixon Era CIA made my life miserable. 

The fact is back then it made sense to have only ONE country take the blame for the crash. There was no way America could have retaliated against so many countries and Geo Politically the cover up made sense.   I think it was a multiple effort.  Like many people I would like to know the truth.  Can you help?      

The fact some of the people involved in the cover up became EVIL and they have profiteered. 

Sir, I do NOT think your one of those people.  Still you might feel guilty because you got insider information that saved your sons life.  It's known that your son cancelled his reservation to be on Pan Am flight 103 and I'm sure you had no prior knowledge except the warning that was sent to the embassy's YOU did not know what plane was coming down.   I do not believe the rumors that you knew.  I just believe that you like my uncle knew that something "might happen" and you wanted your son safe. 

Sir please do me a favor and google    ***   Stephen Preston CIA  ***  and do an image search.

My picture is everywhere.... Why?

He's the CIA General Counsel (at least he was when I attended a 2 day conference at the Ritz Carlton in DC for National Security lawyers. 

Anyway - it's possible that one of his relatives is partly responsible for some of the bullying I've received.  Kline Preston was my lawyer and now we have a lawsuit.  He sent me a text that Stephen Preston was his brother then he said he was joking.  I did not think it was funny because I knew that the "trumped up" charges against me were because of the cover up of Pan Am Flight 103.  I went to Bahrain and Kuwait in 1992 and spent time with people doing the "deep cleaning".....  People were worried that Clinton would put in people at the Embassy that would leak info. It was weird.  I was told to just go and visit friends and have fun. When I got back I was asked a TON of questions.  It was weird.   

Just to let you know I'm not a spy... I was just a "friendly fixture"... in 1980 I was sent to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl form El Salvador whose family led death squads..  My roomies family helped promote FREEDOM.   I've got so much to tell you BUT this email is just an FYI.  You might not have had all the details.  I think that because of some of your recent quotes to the press.  Sir, YOU need to simply let the truth be exposed.  It's OK. Please the goal is for humanity to happy and ONLY for the people that "did" the atrocity to have to pay back society. All the people in the cover up are EXEMPT.  The fact is the cover up grew so big that if ALL involved were punished the world would fall apart.  A LOT of good people were part of the cover up and 99.8% only did it because they were told to do it.  

Former President Gerald Ford met with me backstage of the RNC convention in Houston in 1992 ... We had tacos.  All I could do was look at his "big hands"...OMG!!!  we talked about life and he gave me advice.  he said "always know whose controlling the ball... & to be a team player"   Since I know that the truth will be exposed I think by telling you "Keep Calm and Be Quiet"  is my being on the Team of the IC.   It's time for the new era of transparency to start and that starts with the Lockerbie Truth.   It's gonna be exposed eventually and wouldn't YOU rather have it happen while your alive so YOU can tell your story.
I know your a good person.

Have a Great Day!

Sharyn Bovat

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Message to Jewish Leaders a Courtesy Update that the Lockerbie Truth Will Be Exposed Due to NISSAN CEO Abuse of Whistleblower. Note To Treasury Too. 
Date: April 14, 2013 10:31:29 PM CDT
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, info Nuclear Iran <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

Someone has to insist that people that profited from the Lockerbie tragedy and people that have helped fund Al Qaeda are NOT rewarded with AMERICAN business contracts that is WHY this email.

Hello Jewish Elite & American Treasury Leaders:

My name is Sharyn Bovat and i RESPECT ISRAEL I'm asking you today to show respect for me and respect for the families of victims of Pan Am flight 103.

in 1992 I spent time with very nice attractive Jewish man who was a partner of the law firm Pillsbury Madison and Sutro - he took me to parties and one was at his private bank in San Francisco (we drank champagne in his vault-how cool is that?) A few weeks after that I left for the Middle East.  When I returned he was VERY nice. Then when I did not say anything or give details about my trip he became less interested in me.  I was silent - i was warned he was "most likely" connected to Mossad (which to be candid at the time I did not know what Mossad was - it sounded like a accessory design firm).  FYI - I really had NO IDEA what I was doing in the 80's and early 90's that era is "complicated"....

When people at NISSAN started harassing me in 2009 for exposing corruption, Dept. of Energy fraud & discrimination I was falsely accused of using an "alias" which was simply my MARRIED name originally I was confused UNTIL a person connected to NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares told me that Carlos Ghosn hired ex NIXON era CIA just to "stay in control" of both NISSAN and Renault.  Carlos Ghosn is connected to Iran Contra & Rattner wanted to make him CEO of GM.... WHY?  

You'll be happy to know that my future ex husband is Jewish so that shows you that I'm not anti Israel. He's very kind & giving me time to get a job before he divorces me just so I'll have health care. If any of you have access to President Obama tell him that Obamacare does NOTHING for women like me who have assets.It's NOT fair that someone has to be poor just to get healthcare.    FYI- I did NOT tell my future ex husband about by CIA past and he's rightfully pissed.  Please understand that NISSAN "outed me".... 

So if any of you need a researcher call: 615-944-7599. Also I never would have talked about the Lockerbie cover up unless I felt that my life was at risk and I feel it is until the issue is exposed. Why did America give a company 1.4 Billion dollars from the Federal Financing bank. That's why I'm including the TREASURY people.  They need to put Carlos Ghosn on the SDN list. All that American money from a bank that was created to help VETERANS being given to NISSAN to build a car that will FAIL. 

A guy connected to the Pentagon told me that Iran uses Renault parts in their weapons.  If NISSAN makes a better battery that technology will go in their missiles.  Do YOU want Iran's weapons to go FARTHER. Since I care about Israel I think doing business with NISSAN while they support Iran is morally wrong.  

ALso- I was told NISSAN took the money because the had a "cash flow" problem.  I learned that the collateral for the 1.4 Billion American dollars is a taxpayer backed IDB bond.  NISSAN ripped off the USA.

Nissan Whistleblower: HOW I Learned About DOE Fraud...... Body ...

Jan 20, 2012 – After I started the blog I learned from a "former" Nissan employee that.... I will admit she also offered to apply the body butter on me, she gave ..

I learned that the EV was being done with people connected to Mossad and then I learned that is was being promoted to "fail' NISSAN is using technology from the 90's.  The car cost a LOT more than it sells for and the battery will degregate fast. What was Shai Agassi thinking? NISSAN killed the Penske deal just to make the 100K Better Place Renault EV's which are NOT happening.  Tennessee LOST jobs from the Penske deal in Spring Hill being canceled. 

This is what I was told: By wasting a lot of money on chargers and infrastructure for an unsuccessful EV the in the future when good technology is available members of congress won't spend the money and America will be dependent on the Middle East for another generation.  It's called a False Flag operation and Carlos Ghosn from Lebanon is leading it. 

A good source from the EU told me that Al Gore was used as a "tool" form Qatar but I guess Mr. Gore got compensated via his sale of AL Jazeera.  Anyway- my ex-lawyer told me that I was sitting next to a Mossad agent at a dinner and I would like to know WHY?   

Nissan Whistleblower: Letter Sent to Marsha Blackburn About CIA ...
Dec 28, 2012 – This is Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower with a request. FYI- I'm cc'ing a lot of people because I'm terrified - What has happened to me ...

  1. .

  2. i had no idea what people connected to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn thought I knew - Because I was TERRORIZED I reached out to IC past & learned that Mr. Ghosn is connected to a LOT of sleazy deals and he played a role in the Lockerbie Cover Up (think Hezbollah and drug trafficking). His father is connected to Operation Condor..... Carlos Ghosn is connected to ex CIA that protected Nazi's and helped make them dictators in South America - it's creepy.  I've had ALL that on a public blog for a LONG time and NISSAN has not forced me to take it down. Instead they have terrorized me.  
Today I'm reaching out to the Jewish Community that is connected to the business elite.  PLEASE for the sake of humanity "let the Lockerbie Truth be told".... It's time for a world for Respect for ALL People.   I've been bullied for over 3 years and I'm tired. I have a child.  Someone has to insist that people that profited from the Lockerbie tragedy and people that have helped fund Al Qaeda are NOT rewarded with AMERICAN business contracts.

PLEASE tell Michael Bloomberg to NOT let NISSAN make the Taxi of Tomorrow.  NISSAN does business in Iran and until IRAN admits their role in the Lockerbie bombing America should NOT let companies that do business in Iran have American contracts.  Plus NISSAN is going to make them in Mexico so "get this" a % of profits go to Renault which is a BIG supplier in Iran and the jobs are created in Mexico.  Plus the taxi is UGLY.  

Michael Bloomberg is "in bed" with those linked to terrorism and "If" you think NISSAN is OK to do business with then I smell hypocrisy. If anything I have written is NOT accurate please let me know.

Thank you and have a great night!!

Sharyn Bovat

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